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New redpesk® OS release “Batz 2.0”

Lorient, France – December 18 2023 –, is announcing the release of its new redpesk® OS version called « Batz 2.0 »

Batz 2.0-update

This new release is based on CentOS 9.2

  • The release includes a major application framework update, like:

    • Applications moved to the directory /usr/redpesk
    • Full support of new manifest.yml
    • Integrated support of plug mechanism in the framework (see)
    • Integrated support of config files for binders in manifests
    • New optimized protocol inter-binding (flat-buffer)
    • Full support of binder extensions
    • libafb-binder allows now to develop binder in other languages
    • Support python, rust bindings (afblib-python, afblib-rust)
  • CAN bus binding move to new plugin mechanism in project and was renamed (suffixed by 2) to canbus-binding2.
  • Plugins examples also migrated to new mechanism (see canbus-plugins-community2.)

About redpesk®

redpesk® ( is an « all in one » LTS Linux platform based on an IT build factory adapted to embedded constraints (auto, military, aeronautics, marine, energy…) that includes :
A modern microservices architecture, an advanced security framework, a specific lightweight container, a FOTA reference implementation.

It provides:

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  • Cross-compilation for x86 & ARM architectures
  • SDK enabling fast native iteration cycles for developers
  • Automatic testing facility for both real & virtual environments
  • Extended QA through scanning tools
  • Release management solution
  • Reporting interface
  • Reference implementation for Over-the-Air updates
  • Core optional platform services (health monitoring, identity management etc)
  • +2 500 pre-built ready-to-use binary packages

All these features are supported on multiple SoC architectures and reference boards: Renesas H3/M3 ULCB, NXP i.MX 8, Raspberry PI 3 and 4, Intel Up-Board, SolidRun Hummingboard or SolidSense, …

About is an expert software company with strong recognition inside the global open source community for its Linux and cybersecurity by design solutions dedicated to embedded markets (automotive, aeronautics, energy, military, maritime etc).

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