Using afm-util

The command line tool afm-util uses afb-client to send orders to afm-system-daemon.

It allows to send command to afm-system-daemon either interactively at shell prompt or in a script.

The syntax is simple:

  • it accepts a command and when required, an attached arguments;
  • the option –uid UID (or -u UID) allows authorized person (root) to play the command for an other user
  • the option –all (or -a) shows also system applications.

Here is the summary of afm-util:

  • afm-util [–uid UID] [–all] runnables: list the runnable widgets installed

  • afm-util [–uid UID] detail id: print detail about the installed widget of id

  • afm-util [–uid UID] [–all] runners: list the running instance

  • afm-util [–uid UID] start id: start an instance of the widget of id

  • afm-util [–uid UID] once id: run once an instance of the widget of id

  • afm-util [–uid UID] terminate rid: terminate the running instance rid

  • afm-util [–uid UID] state rid: get status of the running instance rid

Here is how to list applications using afm-util:

    afm-util runnables