redpesk community support and discussions are based on Matrix secured and decentralized communication tool.

In order to communicate through matrix, you need to choose a client, register an account, and then join redpesk rooms that are part of redpesk Matrix Community.

A good Matrix client is Element and you can start Element web interface by clicking on this URL : 🔗 Then create a New Account or just Sign In if you already have an account.

To join redpesk rooms; the easiest way is to join the redpesk Community available here : 🔗

The following view will allow you to join this community.

Matrix redpesk community

Several rooms are available focusing of various topics, among others :

  • redpesk-announce
  • redpesk-marine
  • redpesk-core

Join redpesk community on Matrix

Note that Element client is also available on Android or Apple. To Get Element on GooglePlay or Element on F-Droid or Element on Apple Store.