See Upboad specification on intel website.

Deploying the image for intel boards (Upboard)

It consists of copying raw image on an usb drive.

Download images

See Download Images section

Download x64_64 image from command line

wget -r -nd --no-parent -A "redpesk*" ''

Copy image

Find your device sdcard and be sure it is unmounted

DEVICE_TO_COPY=$(x=$(lsblk -dli -o PATH,VENDOR,TYPE,HOTPLUG | grep "disk\s\+1$") && [ $(echo $x | wc -l)  -gt 1 ] && echo "ERROR: more than one devices: \n $x" || echo $x | awk '{print $1}')

If more than one device, just the list and choose the right one:

lsblk -dli -o PATH,VENDOR,TYPE,HOTPLUG | grep "disk\s\+1$"

Use bmaptool


  • bmaptool installed
  • bmap file downloaded (it comes with images)
  • device plugged, find, unmounted
IMAGE=$(ls redpesk*.raw.xz)
BMAP_FILE=$(ls redpesk*.bmap)
sudo bmaptool copy $(IMAGE) --bmap $BMAP_FILE $DEVICE_TO_COPY

Use dd


  • device plugged, find, unmounted
unxz redpesk*.raw.xz
IMAGE=$(ls redpesk*.raw)
sudo dd if=$IMAGE of=DEVICE_TO_COPY status=progress

Launch upboard


  • usb drive copied and plugged into upboard
  • keyboard, screen plugged into upboard
  • ethernet cable pluggeg (optionnal)

Power on upboard

Press Del key at startup to enter into the bios. You just need to boot on the usb drive.

Restart and wait, it is booting!

Default root password is root.


It needs ethernet cable plugged into the board, and getting the ip.

  • User: root
  • Password: root

Getting the ip on target

ip a

On your computer:

ssh root@<ip_found>