Industrial software factory for secured embedded Linux systems

redpesk is a pre-integrated “ready-to-use” SW factory. On one hand it offers a full CI/CD platform dedicated to embedded industrial systems. On the other hand it proposes a set of basic “ready-to-use” platform components that almost every system will require. redpesk allows developers to focus on application development. It fosters innovation, reduces the cost and improves time to market. Last but not least it allows the SW team to scale and proposes a model for long term support and on the air update of very complex vital SW stacks.

Easy to start

  • SaaS or on-premise models
  • Ready-to-go with prebuilt images for reference boards
  • Thousands of packages available (based on linux mainline)
  • Tests framework for both virtual and physical boards
Automated CI platform builds and tests

  • Multi-Boards : multiple SoC architectures (Intel, ARM, ...)
  • Multi-Applications : depends on models, variants, years...
  • QA: Automated tests (virtual and physical)
  • Targeting 10 year long-term support (LTS)
Targets very complex developments

  • Teams of developers, subcontractors, management, business owners...
  • Thousands of packages, millions of lines of code
  • Multiple parallel software versions
Cybersecurity and legal

  • Cybersecurity / certifications (patches, code scanning, CVEs)
  • Legal constraints (licenses, ownership dependencies)
  • Full integration of AGL security framework
Production performances

  • Pre-package cross-build
  • Binary reproducibility
  • Binary feeds for updates
  • Per-layer versioning for stability
Economically efficient

  • Leverage several open source communities
  • Reduced entry ticket cost and time-to-market
  • Keep technical teams focused on customer added value developments
redpesk offering
Pro on-premise
  • Public or private redpesk instance
  • Public or private sources
  • Public or private generated packages (RPM)
  • Dedicated builder/s
  • Local compilation and tests on private infrastructure
  • On-line or off-line
  • Dedicated redpesk cloud instance
  • Public or private sources
  • Public or private generated packages (RPM)
  • Dedicated builder/s
  • QoS for compilation and tests
  • On-line
Community edition
  • Free, best for do-it-yourself projects
  • Shared redpesk cloud instance
  • Public sources
  • Public generated packages (RPM)
  • One shared builder
  • Compilation and tests best effort
  • On-line