Overview of redpesk OS

Built based CentOS, redpesk OS is a secure Linux system embedding:

  • a security framework;
  • a microservice framework;
  • redpesk services

redpesk OS

Built based on CentOS

The common components of redpesk: linux kernel, shell, POSIX tools, … are based on CentOS released components. This choice ensure that these components are used by a large community and that they are maintained in the long run.

All these components are rebuilt within our OS factory. This ensures coherence, agility and fine tuning: all features required for brand tainted OS base.

A security framework

With the objectives of protecting the system, giving flexibility to the application developers and allowing security auditing, redpesk OS defines a clean security environnement enforced by a security aware application framework.

It leverages the Linux Security Module (LSM) Smack with a permission framework to grant fine grained permission to application and/or services.

A microservice framework

Generally, it is meant that applications are consuming what services are offering. But for real, things are more complicated: services may need other services and applications can provide services, for their diagnostic tools for example. So, applications and services are in fact the same thing: both require a clean communication framework.

The redpesk microservice framework provides a unified communication model for an unified running environment that emphasises the creation of functional blocks connected together. The composition of the bricks across several systems, within a single process or between several processes is left open to the system’s architects who can make the best design with their constraints.

redpesk services

redpesk OS offers already existing services ready to be integrated in new designs.

Please refer to base services chapter to get the documentation of all services.