What is redpesk?

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redpesk is a pre-integrated “ready-to-use” software factory. On one hand it offers a full CI/CD platform dedicated to embedded industrial systems. On the other hand it proposes a set of basic “ready-to-use” platform components that almost every system will require. redpesk allows developers to focus on application development. It fosters innovation, reduces the cost and improves time to market. Last but not least it allows the software team to scale and proposes a model for long term support and on the air update of very complex vital software stacks.

redpesk-factory software

redpesk-factory is a full ecosystem providing a Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) platform dedicated to Linux embedded systems.

Upstream projects arise from 3 sources; Linux BSPs mostly coming from Yocto project; Linux mainline packages coming from centOS Stream, Fedora, openSUSE, etc; User application including other projects like linux Automotive Grade Linux or your personal project/repositories.

redpesk core services provides a secured list of services running on your embedded system.

Two consumption models are available to interact with redpesk-factory : a SaaS model running in cloud and operated by or an on-premise model running on your private network.

The goal of redpesk-factory is to help you and your team to administer and manage very complex systems in order to deliver updates using OTA.

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redpesk federation and scaling

Software delivery in automotive, maritime or industrial domain is always a challenge where several teams or companies collaborate and depend on each other.

redpesk-factory has been designed to support a federation model where several redpesk factories can interact with each other.

This federation model allows teams or companies to exchange project sources or binary blob/packages.

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redpesk and open source community

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Today open source software is the only economical viable solution to maintain software in the long run (LTS). redpesk factory is designed to allow you to keep track of community changes and consequently reduce your cost for LTS maintenance.

For more information about open source software and Linux Foundation, refer to Linux Foundation Annual report.

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