This project targets a production ready marine grade Linux open platform. Its application and security model derives directly from Automotive Grade Linux efforts, when production readiness and long term support relies on continuous integration redpesk suite.


Provide a modern open platform dedicated to next generation of marine embedded applications. The project is a clean break forward from existing Linux maritime projects and aims at providing a clean and modern foundation that will foster development of next generations of maritime services targeting not only leisure sailors but also professional boats with services focus on: navigation/routing, security, energy saving, predictive maintenance and last but not least on a longer term: partial to full autonomous boat.

Primary goals includes:

  • Out of the box support of core marine services as:
    • Signalling: CAN, N2K, J1939, CanOpen, Modbus, …
    • Cloud Connectivity: 3/4G, Wifi, Bluetooth, …
    • Chart: S57,S101,Raster, ….
    • Routing: autopilot, motorcontrol, …
  • Hardware reference boards
    • Community: Raspberry, Mino, …
    • Professional: IMX6, STM32MP1, IMX8, RCAR,
  • Open Software architecture
    • Builtin Cybersecurity model
    • API centric and Microservice based architecture
    • Allow final solution to mix open source and proprietary softwares
    • Long term support targeting 10 years or more

Out of Scope:

Porting existing/legacy softwares or pre-integrating hardware may obviously have values for the community and should obviously remain possible. Nevertheless this is not the focus of this project.

Are excluded from goals:

  • Improving/rewriting new version of existing well known maritime softwares (OpenCpn, QtVlm, zyGrib, SignalK, …)
  • Creating a new pre-integrated marine distributions (OpenPlotter, Marinux, SkipperOS, ).
  • Pre-configure a specific distro with a specific set of hardwares (Bareboat, BoatPC, …)