What the differences between the community and commercial versions ?

Depending on your needs, the following offerings are presented to use the redpesk factory :

  • Community (Free)
  • Pro - SaaS (per developper subscription)
  • Pro - on-premise (custom)

Community edition

With the Community version, full redpesk factory is available for free with the following restrictions :

Development in open mode

  • Any input sources repositories added to the community factory should be public (repositories coming from any public git repository),
  • The resulting build packages are visible by everyone from https://community-app.redpesk.bzh/download,
  • Internal factory resources are shared between users based on waiting queues, meaning restricted parallel builds and hardware resources usage (CPU, RAM, …).

Resource storage

  • Each community user is soft restricted to 10GB of disk space in the factory (which includes projects, applications, app and images builds).
  • Each community user is limited to 10 projects, 100 apps and 3 images maximum.

Feature limitation

Some features may be not available or in limited mode with community edition.

  • Local builder : image build is not available and local builder format is only provided as a LXC/LXD container
  • Audience of released projects or released images can only be set to users or teams (not to all people using the factory)

Joining the redpesk community

To join the community, you only need a github or gitlab account. For further information about signing up, please refer to How to sign up chapter and test the redpesk factory by yourself.

Moving to the next step

If the Community edition constrains are incompatible with your needs, and you wish to go further :

  • request a quotation for SaaS or on-premise edition, please complete request quotation form
  • if you’re maintainer of a significant open source project for the embedded community, please contact us to raise the redpesk community limits