Available APIs & Services

This table lists all available services that are part of redpesk. These services are classified into various domain like marine, industrial, common, …

Services Domain Description Repo sources
canbus-binding Common Low level CAN service made to decode/encode from/to CAN bus. sources
canopen-binding Industrial This binding allows the control of a CANopen field network from an AGL type system. It handles different formats natively (int, float, string…) but can also handle custom formatting using plugins. It is based on the open source industrial C++ library Lely. sources
cloud-publication-binding Common This binding allows to selectively publish target signals/data to the cloud, with automated reconnection support when the target/cloud link goes down. sources
gps-binding Common A service to get positioning information from a physical GPS device sources
helloworld-binding Samples A binding example, implemented in a redpesk context. sources
modbus-binding Industrial Modbus binding supports TCP Modbus with format conversion for multi-register type as int32, Float, … sources
redis-tsdb-binding Common A service to access RedisTimeSeries databases sources
signal-composer Common This binding allows to provide a common interface to manage signals provided by different sources, mostly AGL Application Framework binding like low-can, GPS or sensors through MRAA. sources
signal-composer-plugins-demo Samples A signal composer plugin meant to collect, process and push NMEA2000 data coming from the low-can binding, to a redis TSDB. sources
platform-info-binding Common A binding that gives systems information through JSON object. sources
sec-gate-oidc Common An afb-binder-v4 extension. It leverages binder hooking capabilities to enforce authentication from an external authority (IDP) to allow/deny HTTP/REST/WEBsocket requests. sources
secure-storage-binding Addons A secure storage API, compliant with the legato secure storage API. sources
spawn-binding Common A binding that spawns scripts and binaries securely. sources
redpak-binding Labs This service aims to manage Rednode on target. sources
wifiap-binding Common WiFi Access Point binding using hostapd and dnsmasq sources