Bug tracker

If issues are found, a bug tracker is available

Login with your github/gitlab account and choose if the issue is related to redpesk OS or redpesk factory.

In both cases, they are several kind of issues to raise. Just choose the adapted on among “Bug”, “Feature” or “Support” in the tracker case. Precise the subject, and fill the other form fields before clicking on “create”.


redpesk community support and discussions are based on Matrix secured and decentralized communication tool.

In order to communicate through matrix, you need to choose a client, register an account, and then join redpesk rooms that are part of redpesk Matrix Community.

A good Matrix client is Element and you can start Element web interface by clicking on this URL : 🔗 Then create a New Account or just Sign In if you already have an account.

To join redpesk rooms; the easiest way is to join the redpesk Community available here : 🔗 (see other rooms links below).

The following view will allow you to join this community.

Matrix redpesk community

Several rooms are available focusing of various topics, among others :

Join redpesk community on Matrix

Note that Element client is also available on Android or Apple. To Get Element on GooglePlay or Element on F-Droid or Element on Apple Store.