List of USB adaptor to CAN bus


In order to test some bindings natively on your machine you will need an USB to CAN converter. Here is one that works out of the box on any linux distribution :

Korlan USB2CAN :

Korlan USB2CAN

Link to Korlan USB2CAN datasheet 🔗

Link to Korlan USB2CAN user guide 🔗

Note: CAN bus needs a set of 120Ω resistor on each side of the cable between CAN_H and CAN_L to work correctly :

can cabling schema

USB to NMEA 2000

In order to also test our software on NMEA 2000 buses, we have modified a USB to CAN module in order to plug it onto an NMEA 2000 bus.

By definition, an NMEA 2000 bus is hardware based on a CAN bus, some welds have therefore done the trick.

On the software side, this module works exactly like the standard USB to CAN module, NMEA 2000 also defines a baud-rate of 250kbps.

This custom adapter therefore provides a USB to NMEA 2000 Socket-CAN compatible module.

Custom USB to NMEA 2000