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Release of redpesk® factory “Armel 1.0”

Lorient, France – September 20th, an open source software company expert in cybersecurity and Linux
embedded solutions (automotive, industrial, energy, marine etc), today announced the release of its first
redpesk® factory version called « Armel 1.0 ». This factory completes the redpesk® “Arz” first OS
version released last year. A ready-to-start factory is available online free here:, and with its documentation here:

In the 20th century the automotive industry developed advanced industrial manufacturing techniques to reduce costs and
time-to-market, likewise the emerging complex software growth of embedded systems (a modern car contains more than 100
million lines of code) requires industrial solutions. It is key to divide up software project organization and automate repetitive
tasks such as the regular launch of compilation, unit tests, deployment, etc.

Hence, redpesk® factory 1.0 includes the following features :

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  • Cross-compilation for x86 & ARM architectures
  • +2 500 pre-built ready-to-use binary packages
  • SDK enabling fast native iteration cycles for developers
  • Automatic testing facility for both real & virtual environments
  • Release management solution
  • Reporting interface
  • Reference implementation for Over-the-Air updates
  • Project and image release process (more details here)
  • Custom image build (more details here)
  • Security Audit tools (security weakness tools - flawfinder, gcov) (more details here)
  • Export / Import projects (more details here)

All these features are supported on multiple SoC architectures and reference boards:

  • Renesas H3/M3 ULCB, SolidSense N8, Raspberry PI 4, UP board & virtual machine QEMU-x86_64

« Our redpesk® factory is a cutting edge tool to develop and maintain rich software in an industrial way for embedded systems:
as the number of lines of code explodes, automatization is mandatory» said Fulup Le Foll, CEO.

About redpesk®

redpesk® is an “all-in-one” embedded Linux platform dedicated to Industrial IoT ( providing:

  • A free developer edition aligned with CentOS Stream®
  • A subscription based LTS version aligned on a fork of RHEL®

About is an expert software company with strong recognition inside the global open source community for its Linux and
cybersecurity solutions dedicated to embedded markets (automotive, maritime, military, aeronautics, energy etc).

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