Build your first app with redpesk CI

Step 1: Create your project

Create the project following the instructions.

You can achieve this by going to the dashboard of the web UI, and clicking on the project button, or app button.

Fill the form with all the information you have, and go to next step.

Step 2: Add members to your project (Optional)

By default the created project contains 1 member (project creator), and optionally you can add other users or teams to the project.

Step 3: Add the application and start the build

Add your application

Fill in the form with all the information from the application you wish to build. After submitting your application, you can finally go to application and start a build, as the animation shows up.

NOTE: Repeat the process if you need to create more applications

Build your application

Simply click on the build button on the top right of the application view, and the build will start.

After the build has been completed, you can see the results in the build tab of the application. To see more details, click on the build and you will see more information about it.