redtest subpackage

To be able to run your tests, the redpesk infrastructure expects a “redtest” sub-package to be created from your application’s specfile.

This sub-package actually contains the run-redtest script (cf. redtests in the applications sources) and needs to install it in the /usr/libexec/redtest/<your_app_name>/ directory.

To learn more about how to create sub-packages in spec file please visit Creating Subpackages.

In our example, the following sections have been added to the spec file. It can be seen that a new sub-package “redtest” is created, with the right installation directory for the run-redtest script.


%package redtest
Summary:        redtest subpackage of the helloworld API
Requires:       python3-requests
Requires:       python3-pytest
Requires:       python3-pytest-tap

%description redtest
Tests subpackage for the helloworld API package. The tests results generated follows the TAP format.


mkdir -p %{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/redtest/%{name}/
cp -a redtest/. %{buildroot}%{_libexecdir}/redtest/%{name}/


%files redtest

You can therefore modify your spec file accordingly to your needs. The redtest package containing uniquely the run-redtest script, the %install and %files redtest sections should really look like the example above.

Tips: Do not forget to set the correct required packages for your tests, with the key word Requires: in the %package redtest section!