Getting started for Manager


The manager has the following access:

  • Dashboard: contains the bookmarked projects and applications, build and test results
  • Projects: contains the list of projects
  • Applications: contains the list of applications
  • Images: contains the list of images
  • Tests: contains test results
  • Teams: contains public and private teams
  • Configuration: contains the look and feel of the web UI
  • Reporting: contains all stats about tests and builds
  • Administration: contains all admin commands

Team Management

Before creating a project, the manager can create a public or private team, and invite users or other teams to join it. The team can eventually be deleted from the web UI.

image add team

The manager can also invite as many members as he wants into his team.

send invitation

Create your project

Please refer to How to create a project chapter.

Project and Application settings

The settings can either be optional or mandatory for the project distributions and architectures.

When optional is set, that means a developer will be able to enable or disable the option (distribution or architecture). However, when the mandatory option has been set, only the manager will be able to enable it or disable it.

Reporting section

First of all, in this section the manager can find all the bookmarked projects and applications.

He has a general view of build results (10 last builds) from all the projects he is working on. The results are represented in graphical form.

image dashboard

The dashboard, contains a summary of the 10 last tests. The test details can be viewed when clicking on ID.