afb-client - Simple client for connecting with afb-binder.


afb-client [<options>...] SOCKSPEC [api verb data] afb-client [<options>...] -d SOCKSPEC [verb data]


The program afb-client is usefull for communicating with APIs offered by an instance afb-binder process. The current version is able to communicate on WS/HTTP, WSS/HTTPS or WSAPI interfaces exposed by afb-binder.

Connection to WS/HTTP interface

Without the option -d (or --direct), afb-client connects to a WS/HTTP interface named after SOCKSPEC. Generally when HTPP URI of the binder is http://host:port, the WS/HTTP SOCKSPEC is http://host:port/api.

When connecting to this interface, the

Connection to WSAPI interface

With the option -d (or --direct), afb-client connects to a WSAPI interface named after SOCKSPEC. Example of such SOCKSPEC are:







The name direct means that the API is directly accessed and then the API name must not be set but is implicit.


-b, --break

Break connection just after the last event/call has been emitted. This option can be used for stressing the binder or when answer is irrevelant.

-d, --direct

Direct API connection to WSAPI interface.

-e, --echo

Echo inputs. Use this in batch for interleaving inputs and outputs.

-h, --help

Display this help and exits.

-H, --human

Display human readable JSON, spreading components on different lines. This is the opposite of option --raw.

-k, --keep-running

Keep running until disconnect, even if input closed.

-p, --pipe COUNT

Allow to pipe COUNT requests without waiting for answers. That means that a maximum of COUNT requests are pending without reply.

-r, --raw

Raw output (default). This prints one line per reply or event without making JSON readable. This is the opposite of option --human.

-s, --sync

Wait for the answer before sending the next query (like -p 1).

-t, --token TOKEN

The token to use.

-u, --uuid UUID

The identifier of session to use. This allow to recover a previously opened session.

-v, --version

Print the version and exits.

Connection to the binder and SOCKSPEC

The format of the specification SOCKSPEC is:


for TCP: tcp:host:port/api


for unix: unix:path/api


for abstract unix: unix:@name/api or unix:@api


afb-binder(1), afb-binding(7)


José Bollo <>



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