redpesk packages

What is called a redpesk package** is simply a RPM package embedding metadata for *redpesk application framework.

The first format of the metadata, a XML file, was conforming to the, now obsolete, W3C standard for widgets. from Tizen’s format

For the sake of lisibility, evolution and adaptation to usages, redpesk now understand a new metadata format called the manifest format, a YAML file.

That new manifest format is mainly made of the file manifest.yml that must be in a subdirectory .rpconfig.

The first format is still in use but for new designs we recommend to adopt the new manifest format.

The metadata of packages are carrying the below data:

  • the name of the package

  • the required permission for the package

  • the required files’ properties

  • for each installed target:

    • its name
    • its description
    • its type
    • what service it requires
    • what service it provides
    • what specific permission it requires


It is also possible to add signature in packages. This feature is still in development.