A WebSocket client to an Application Framework Binder

QAfbWebsocketClient(QObject* parent = nullptr)

Default constructor.

  • parent: Parent object.

QAbstractSocket::SocketError error()

Get and return the last error code.

QString errorString()

Get and return the last error as a string.

bool isValid()

Check if connection is ready or not.

Returns true if the connected is ready to read and write, false otherwise.

void call(const QString& api, const QString& verb, const QJsonValue& arg = QJsonValue(), closure_t closure = nullptr)

Call an api’s verb with an argument.

  • api: Api to call.
  • verb: Verb to call.
  • arg: Argument to pass.
  • closure: callback function to call at the verb reply

void QAfbWebsocketClient::sendTextMessage(QString msg)

Send a text message over the websocket.

This is use for test only, you should not use this method because it sent text as-is, so you have to follow the binder’s protocol by your self.

  • msg: Message to send.