Migration from wgtpkg to afmpkg

The widget standard is now obsolete and the way it is integration within DNF/RPM is not using zip package file.

the new packaging doesn’t rely any more on the configuration file config.xml but exploit files of directory .rpconfig.

These files are:

  • manifest.yml: description of the application
  • signature-author.p7: signature of the author if present
  • signature-XXX.p7: signature of distributors if any

A specific program has been created to migrate config.xml to manifest.yml.

The program is called wgt-migrate. It is called like below:

wgt-migrate FILE > RESULT


  • FILE is the path to the configuration file to convert
  • RESULT is the path of the created manifest file

So the migration from wgtpkg to afmpkg could be as below:

mkdir .rpconfig
wgt-migrate config.xml > .rpconfig/manifest.yml
git add .rpconfig/manifest.yml
git rm config.xml