Functions of class afb_timer

Function afb_timer_create

 * Creates a timer handler object
 * @param timer pointer to receive the created timer result
 * @param absolute boolean indicatying if the start is given in absolute (relative to epoch)
 * @param start_sec start time in seconds
 * @param start_ms millisecond part of the start time
 * @param count count of time the handler must be called (zero for endlessly)
 * @param period_ms the period in milliseconds between to calls to the handler
 * @param accuracy_ms the expected accuracy in the period
 * @param handler the handler callback
 * @param closure closure pointer for the handler
 * @param autounref boolean if not null the timer is automatically unreferenced when finished
 * @return 0 in case of success or a negative -errno like value
	afb_timer_t *timer,
	int absolute,
	time_t start_sec,
	unsigned start_ms,
	unsigned count,
	unsigned period_ms,
	unsigned accuracy_ms,
	afb_timer_handler_t handler,
	void *closure,
	int autounref

Function afb_timer_addref

 * Add one reference to the 'timer' object
 * @param timer the object to reference
 * @return the referenced object
	afb_timer_t timer

Function afb_timer_unref

 * Remove one reference to the 'timer' object and
 * destroys the object if not more referenced
 * @param timer the object to unreference
	afb_timer_t timer