Functions of class afb_predefined_type

type description
AFB_PREDEFINED_TYPE_OPAQUE The opaque type is anything represented by its address
AFB_PREDEFINED_TYPE_STRINGZ Type of zero terminated string. The length includes the tailing zero. A length of zero is compatible with a value NULL.
AFB_PREDEFINED_TYPE_JSON Type of json string terminated by a zero
AFB_PREDEFINED_TYPE_JSON_C Type of json object as handled by libjson-c
AFB_PREDEFINED_TYPE_BOOL Type of boolean values
AFB_PREDEFINED_TYPE_I32 Type of signed 32 bit integers
AFB_PREDEFINED_TYPE_U32 Type of unsigned 32 bit integers
AFB_PREDEFINED_TYPE_I64 Type of signed 64 bit integers
AFB_PREDEFINED_TYPE_U64 Type of unsigned 64 bit integers