Two kinds of tests exist in the redpesk® CI process.

The first type corresponds to the %check section inside the spec file. The tests under this section are run at build time by the redpesk® infrastructure. If this section is included, the success of these tests is mandatory to have a successful build.

The second type can be described as integration tests. These tests are run after a successful build and are based on two packages resulting from the build: the main package corresponding to the application and the “test” package. A global view of this process can be seen on the diagram here below:

image test

The diagram illustrates the fact that to create the packages, the application source files and a spec file is needed. In order to learn more about the spec file details, please refer to: How to write spec

Here below, two screenshots of the tests interfaces inside the redpesk® webUI.

image test results

To see the details of each test, just click on the corresponding row.

image test results