Factory releases

Armel 1.3

Armel 1.3.0 - July 2023

  • Update Source RPM processing to improve build time and early error detection (see documentation here)
  • Add used flag to enable/disable service usage and improve services management in UI (more details in application services documentation)
  • Web UI improvements : add ACTIONS tab in projects/applications/images to group all available actions
  • Various Web UI ergonomic, style improvements (uniform tables colors and cells ,more filters, …)
  • rp-cli - enhancements and new commands:
    • Add support for ‘build type’ field in ‘applications’ and ‘projects’ commands
    • Add images test and image tests commands
    • Add cancel commands for image and application builds
    • Change local package run to local package build
    • Add the local connections sub-commands
    • Add possibility to refresh packages app files (applications refresh-files-pkg <app-ID>)
    • Local Builder support improvements

Armel 1.2

Armel 1.2.0 - April 2023

  • Check package dependencies (error reporting)
  • Easily workflow to copy an application to another project
  • Github actions support to trig build or test (more details here)
  • Better handler for secrets/passwords
  • Local builder improvements
  • Web UI improvements (ergonomic, style)
  • Statistics and information about factory usage resources (number of projects, applications, images)

Armel 1.1

Armel 1.1.1 - January 2023

  • Git packaging fixes (default branch and default release & version settings)
  • Download server fixes (large file support)
  • Build default branch when not set

Armel 1.1.0 - December 2022

  • Handle application git packaging branches (more details here)
  • Fix boot_efi flag for x86_64 build images
  • Bug fix in internal cross build system
  • Improve live logs during image build
  • Redpak project container management through web ui & RP-CLI (more details here)
  • Web UI workflow improvements (ergonomic, filtering, sorting, pagination)
  • Gitlab CI pipeline support to trig build or test (more details here)

Armel 1.0

Armel 1.0.5 - October 2022

  • Bugs fix gitpkg files cache
  • Bugs fix and improvements in file packaging manager (better handler in macro name, support import of srcrpmim)
  • Import/export bug fixes (with short release naming projects)

Armel 1.0.2 – September 2022

  • Project overview re-design to support large number of applications
  • Fix image build and release (missing bootefi option)
  • Fix download URL value returned in local builder configuration
  • Other minor bugs fixes

Armel 1.0.1 – August 2022

  • Simplify image creation (auto-settings mode for kickstart)
  • Local builder improvements (including image build support, mender/OTA tools and scripts, …)
  • Minor bugs fixes and improvements

Armel 1.0.0 – May 2022

  • Export / Import projects (more details here)
  • Custom image build from rp-cli or from WebUI (more details here)
  • Security Audit tools (security weaknesses tools - flawfinder, gcov) (more details here)
  • Add release projects and release images process (see project release and image release documentation chapters)
  • Enforce repositories protection within redpesk download server (based on access tokens)

Older versions

0.15.0 – release candidate 15 – February 2022

  • WebUI improvements to manage large number of projects, apps, …
  • Support packages with large number of files or large size (eg. kernel)
  • Enable packages signing based on GPG signature (more details here)

0.13.0 – release candidate 13 – November 2021

  • Add deployment instructions within WebUI
  • Multi-language: add Spanish support
  • Support packages with large number of files or large size (eg. kernel)
  • Improve internal/external specfile support

0.11.3 – release candidate 11.3 – September 2021

  • Support of release Arz 1.0
  • Log view improvements and fixes
  • Minimal browser version warning
  • Project releasing within UI for administrator and manager

0.11.2 – release candidate 11.2 – August 2021

  • Project releasing for manager
  • Images management – step 1 (smack/selinux selection)
  • Deployment instructions in UI
  • Services packaging configuration within settings view

0.11.0 – release candidate 11 – June 2021

  • UI improvements (project filters/sort/list view; file manager, log viewer)
  • Early release of project releasing for administrator
  • rp-cli early support for localbuilder Arz