Redpak container visualization

Container’s visualization graph will display a tree of containers (nodes) of the selected container (as a last node of the tree) and it’s higher-level inheritances. node's configuration window

Hierarchy graph visualization

(If container project inherits from a standard project, only container project node will be displayed on the graph)

In order to visualize container’s inheritance graph:

  • Click the projects tab icon tab on the sidebar to view all your projects
  • Select a project from the list
  • Click the container tab icon tab in the container’s view menu
  • Display/collapse full dependency graph for your container by clicking the full tree icon or collapse tree icon button
  • Click on individual node to show/hide node’s children

Container’s configuration view

Once the hierarchy graph is displayed:

  • Click on the graph node to open a side window with it’s configuration
  • Click the display merged config button button to display merged configuration (containers configuration and it’s parent configuration)
  • Use search bar to find any string of characters within the configuration file *( minimum 3 characters are required)
  • Click the show conflicts button button to display merged configuration conflicts
  • Click the toggle all config fields button to open or collapse all configuration fields
  • Click the toggle full screen button to toggle full screen/normal mode of the configuration window node's configuration window