The rp-cli binary is available as rpm or debian package on the redpesk “sdk” repository. Therefore it can be easily installed using our installation script. Nevertheless you need to be using a supported Linux distribution. In general, the latest version of Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, and Fedora works. Following is a specific list of supported distributions:

It is recommended to use the latest distribution version as we make sure that everything works well for them.

Full sdk environment installation

The following command line installs the full redpesk sdk environment i.e. redpesk-cli and all the packages necessary to build a Microservice binding natively.

# Retrieve the setup script and execute it
wget -O - | bash

Install redpesk-cli only

If you only need to install the redpesk command line (redpesk-cli) without all the development packages, run the following command.

# Retrieve the setup script and execute it
wget -O - | bash -s -- --rp-cli