redpesk demo-n2k plugin installation

This part is only useful if you plan to build and install the package from source. Do not forget that the environment where you want to run the plugin must have the can_j1939 kernel modules loaded.

Building from source

We advise you to use the local builder for building the plugin source. The local builder comes with everything setup to build natively and cross-build redpesk projects.

Tools for native build

Add first the redpesk SDK native repository to your package manager.

Install the building tools:

  • gcc
  • g++
  • make
  • cmake
  • afb-cmake-modules

And then install the dependencies:

  • json-c
  • afb-binding
  • afb-libhelpers
  • afb-libcontroller
  • signal-composer-binding


sudo dnf install gcc-c++ make cmake afb-cmake-modules json-c-devel afb-binding-devel afb-libhelpers-devel afb-libcontroller-devel signal-composer-binding-devel


sudo apt install gcc g++ make cmake afb-cmake-modules libsystemd-dev libjson-c-dev afb-binding-dev afb-libhelpers-dev afb-libcontroller-dev signal-composer-binding-dev


git clone
cd signal-composer-plugins-demo-n2k
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make demo-n2k -j
sudo make install_demo-n2k

From then, you have set up your environment to run the demo-n2k plugin. Go to the section usage to see how to use it.