spawn-binding is part of redpesk-common and is available on any redpesk installation.

sudo dnf install spawn-binding afb-ui-devtools

Other Linux Distributions

Prerequisite: should declare redpesk repository: [instructions-here]

# Fedora
sudo dnf install spawn-binding afb-ui-devtools bubblewrap libcap

# OpenSuse
sudo zypper install spawn-binding bubblewrap libcap-progs afb-ui-devtools

# Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install spawn-binding-bin afb-ui-devtools bubblewrap libcap2-bin

Quick test

start spawn-binding samples

AFB_SPAWN_CONFIG=/var/local/lib/afm/applications/spawn-binding/etc \
afb-binder --name=afb-spawn --binding=/var/local/lib/afm/applications/spawn-binding/lib/ --verbose

Connect to HTML5 test page



  • if you rather CLI interface to HTML5, feel free to replace ‘afb-ui-devtools’ with ‘afb-client’.

Rebuild ‘spawn-binding’ from sources

Notice: recompiling spawn-binding is not requirer to implement your own set of commands and/or sandbox containers. You should recompile ‘spawn-binding’ only when:

  • targeting a not supported environment/distribution.
  • changing code to fix bug or propose improvement (contributions are more than welcome)
  • adding custom output formatting encoders. note: for custom formatting you technically only recompile your new “custom-encoder”. Nevertheless tool chain dependencies remain equivalent.

Install building dependencies


  • declare redpesk repositories (see previous step).
  • install typical Linux C/C++ development tool chain gcc+cmake+….

Install AFB controller dependencies

  • application framework ‘afb-binder’ & ‘afb-binding-devel’
  • binding controller ‘afb-libcontroller-devel’
  • binding helpers ‘afb-libhelpers-devel’
  • cmake template ‘afb-cmake-modules’
  • ui-devel html5 ‘afb-ui-devtools’

Note: For Ubuntu/OpenSuse/Fedora specific instructions check redpesk-developer-guide

Install spawn-binding specific dependencies

  • libuuid-devel
  • libcap-ng-devel
  • libseccomp-devel
  • liblua5.3-devel
  • uthash-devel
  • bwrap

Note: all previous dependencies should be available out-of-the-box within any good Linux distribution. Note that Debian as Ubuntu base distro use ‘.dev’ in place of ‘.devel’ for package name.

Download source from git

git clone

Build your binding

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

Run a test from building tree

export AFB_SPAWN_CONFIG=../conf.d/project/etc/spawn-simple-config.json
afb-binder --name=afb-spawn --binding=./package/lib/ -vvv