Easy install

This binding is available in the redpesk repo, so if you are running on one of the supported Linux distros you can install it with your package manager :

  • Declare redpesk repository: (see doc)

  • Install the binding :

      # Fedora / redpesk :
      sudo dnf install canopen-binding
      # Ubuntu / Debian :
      sudo apt install canopen-binding
      # OpenSUSE :
      sudo zypper install canopen-binding

Install from sources


  • redpesk application framework ‘afb-binder’
  • redpesk controller ‘afb-libcontroller’
  • redpesk helpers ‘afb-libhelpers’
  • redpesk cmake template ‘afb-cmake-modules’
  • lely-core CANopen library

Note: use *-dev or *-devel packages if available

redpesk dependencies

Add redpesk repositories and install the Application Framework (see doc)

Install Programs and Libraries you need (see doc)

CANopen lib dependencies

Warning : this binding uses a specific version of liblely please use the one specified below

  • Compile and Install lely-core CANopen library :
git clone
cd liblely
autoreconf -i
./configure --disable-python --disable-threads
make install

CANopen Binding build

git clone
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..