Redpak Devtool

Redpak devtool provides a graphical representation of containers/nodes inheritance within a binding/board.

At the top of the UI a web socket connected message means that a binding is currently running on your environment and is accessible.

In case of disconnection a web socket connection failed message is displayed. The devtool will make 5 attempts to reconnect automatically, if all attempts fail a can not connect message will appear.

In order to try to reconnect, press connect button. You can learn more about redpesk by pressing the documentation button.

Containers visualisation

On successful connection to the binding full containers tree will be requested from the binding and top 2 levels will be displayed automatically.

Initial containers graph

In order to display a graph for a specific container and its children:

  • Click the get node
  • In the dialog box, from the dropdown list, select a container as a top level parent
  • Select the depth for the graph:
    • n == -1 for a full tree starting from the selected container
    • n == 0 will display container without it’s children
    • n > 0 will display a graph for the selected container and n levels of children, grandchildren etc…
    • Click the get tree button, to display the graph (initially only the 2 top levels will be displayed)
  • Click the collapse tree button, to collapse the graph except for the 2 top levels.
  • Click the full tree button, on top of the graph view, to display initial full tree view.

Hovering the mouse over a graph node will display a tooltip with its redpath (containers installation path on the board) and its children. Clicking on a node will unfold its children nodes, if exist, and will open a configuration view.

Container’s configuration details

Once the hierarchy graph is displayed:

  • Click on the graph node to open a side window with it’s configuration
  • Click the display button_merged config button to display merged configuration ( containers configuration and it’s parent configuration )
  • Use search bar to find any string of characters within the configuration file *( minimum 3 characters are required)
  • Click the show conflicts button to display merged configuration conflicts only
  • Click the toggle all config fields button to open or collapse all configuration fields
  • Click the toggle full screen button to toggle full screen/normal mode for configuration window