GPS binding usage


GPSD initialization

The GPS binding is working as a GPSD client, so we need to launch this one first of all.

Using physical device

When a GPS is plugged in through serial or usb port, GPSD will automatically detect it and start it’s daemon.

Tested with GlobalSat BU-353-S4 USB GPS device.

For further information, see official GPSD website:

Using an NMEA log

You may need to kill all other GPSD processes before running a nmea log :

sudo killall gpsd
sudo service gpsd stop
sudo service gpsd.socket stop

Then you can launch the log playing with :

gpsfake -S {file.nmea}

Verify GPSD functioning

To check if GPSD is now providing expected data, you can use any GPSD client such as :

cgps -c



If GPSD is providing data as expected, you should see these data in the gui client you just opened.

Start GPS binding

Manually built binding

In your build directory:

afb-binder --rootdir=./package --binding=./package/lib/ --port=1234 --tracereq=common -vvv

Installed binding

If you installed the binding either through package or through make install command:

export GPS_BINDING_DIR=/var/local/lib/afm/applications/gps-binding
afb-binder \
--rootdir=$GPS_BINDING_DIR \
--binding=$GPS_BINDING_DIR/lib/ \
--port=1234 \
--tracereq=common \

Call for GPS binding API

Now that the binding is running and attached to GPSD, you can call for any verb provided by the gps described in the GPS API description part.

Binding UI

Command line (afb-client)

afb-client --human 'ws://localhost:1234/api?token='



To run test suite on redpesk powered target, you should installed provided package:

dnf install gps-binding-redtest

Then launch the run-redtest script:



Install test suite

In order to test the binding on host, you should install the following packages:

Install package afb-test like you did for the gps-binding package in Installation

Build test version of the binding

cd build
make widget

Start automated test suite

Launch test script that will start test suite and coverage report generation. The script is managing :

  • gpsd instances cleaning
  • nmea log replay through gpsfake
  • binding test suite launch