Installation guide

I - prerequisite

To be able to use this binding correctly you need to install first the tool which will create all important files at the path /etc/platform-info: platform-runtime-tools

  • Ubuntu / Debian

      sudo apt install platform-runtime-tools
  • Fedora / OpenSuse

      sudo dnf install platform-runtime-tools

II - Using distribution packager manager

Add the Redpesk repository into your packager manager following this link:

Install the package platform-info-binding

III - Building from source

a. dependencies

Building tools:

  • gcc
  • g++
  • make
  • cmake
  • afb-cmake-modules

Then the following dependencies:

  • json-c
  • afb-binding
  • libmicrohttpd
  • afb-libhelpers

Fedora / OpenSuse

sudo dnf install gcc-c++ make cmake afb-cmake-modules json-c-devel afb-binding-devel libmicrohttpd-devel afb-libhelpers-devel

Ubuntu / debian

sudo apt install gcc g++ make cmake afb-cmake-modules-bin libjson-c-dev afb-binding-dev libmicrohttpd-dev afb-libhelpers-dev

b. build

git clone
cd platform-info-binding
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..