Installation within redpesk for dnf, RPM and redpak

Runtime installation

Installation for the framework is made during normal installation using dnf.

When installing or uninstalling:

  • use dnf or rpm (possibly as simple user within rednode)

  • the RPM plugin for redpesk checks and detects if the (un)installed package is integrated in the framework (it detects files config.xml or .rpconfig/manifest.yml)

  • if it is a package managed by the framework, the RPM plugin for redpesk contacts the daemon afmpkg-installer (service afmpkg-installer)

  • afmpkg-installer scan the manifest files in order to set or remove service files, permissions and security items

  • afmpkg-installer contacts sec-lsm-manager to setup security items and permissions

Before calling rpm or dnf, the following environment variables can be set. They will be passed to afmpkg-installer:

  • AFMPKG_REDPAKID: this is transmitted to configuration setup in order to correctly set the services

  • AFMPKG_TRANSID: this identifies the transaction. Set it if you want to get a real (un)installation status using afmpkg-status.

Buildtime installation

When installation occurs during image construction, there is no framework that can be contacted by network.

This issue is not resolved at the moment, so installation must occur at first boot.