If you are missing any dependencies please follow this guide: redpesk-build-host

Smack is not packaged and has to be compiled from source.

Fedora / Centos

dnf install check-devel sec-cynagora-devel libsemanage-devel libselinux-devel systemd-devel libcap-devel

Build Smack:

sudo dnf install autoconf automake libtool
git clone
cd smack
sudo make install

Ubuntu / Debian

apt install check sec-cynagora-dev libsemanage-dev libselinux1-dev libsystemd-dev libcap-dev

Build Smack:

sudo apt install autoconf libtool pkg-config make
git clone
cd smack
sudo make install


It is possible to modify the following compilation options when executing the cmake command:

  • WITH_SYSTEMD (default: ON): systemd socket activation
  • WITH_SMACK (default: OFF) : SMACK mode
  • WITH_SELINUX (default: OFF): SELinux mode

  • WITH_SIMULATION (default: OFF): active simulations for cynagora, SMACK and SELinux
  • SIMULATE_CYNAGORA (default: OFF): simulate cynagora
  • SIMULATE_SMACK (default: OFF): simulate SMACK
  • SIMULATE_SELINUX (default: OFF): simulate SELinux

  • FORTIFY (default: ON): fortify source code
  • COMPILE_TEST (default: ON): compile tests
  • DEBUG (default: OFF): active debug mode (symbols, debug message)

For example with DEBUG option and only SELinux:


Environment Variables

Then there are variables defined at compile time in the CMakeLists.txt file that can be changed at runtime by defining an environment variable.

For example the SEC_LSM_MANAGER_SOCKET_NAME variable which contains sec-lsm-manager.socket can be modified at launch:

export SEC_LSM_MANAGER_SOCKET_NAME="new-socket-name.socket"

It is possible to modify the following environment variables:

  • SELINUX_RULES_DIR (default: /usr/share/sec-lsm-manager/selinux-rules)
  • SELINUX_MAKEFILE (default: /usr/share/selinux/devel/Makefile)
  • SEC_LSM_MANAGER_DATADIR (default: /usr/share/sec-lsm-manager)
  • SEC_LSM_MANAGER_SOCKET_NAME (default: sec-lsm-manager.socket)

  • COMPILE_SCRIPT_DIR (default: /usr/share/sec-lsm-manager/script)

  • TE_TEMPLATE_FILE (default: app-template.te)
  • IF_TEMPLATE_FILE (default: app-template.if)
  • TEMPLATE_FILE (default: app-template.smack)

  • SELINUX_FS_PATH (default: /sys/fs/selinux)
  • SMACK_FS_PATH (default: /sys/fs/smackfs)

  • SMACK_POLICY_DIR (default: /etc/smack/accesses.d, simulation: /usr/share/sec-lsm-manager/smack-simulation)
  • SELINUX_POLICY_DIR (simulation: /usr/share/sec-lsm-manager/selinux-simulation)