Booting a redpesk image with VirtualBox (VM)

Launch a VM image


Install VirtualBox

Download and install VirtualBox tool. Please refer to instructions available on VirtualBox website :

Download the appliance (ova)

Downloading image:

cd ~/Downloads
wget -r -nd -nc --no-parent -A 'redpesk-os-*ova*' ''

See Download Images section to get links of other redpesk OS versions.

Control the image integrity

Before doing anything, please control the integrity of the downloaded redpesk image. Example:

sha256sum -c redpesk-os-*.ova.sha256

redpesk-os-*ova: OK

Import the appliance (ova)

Click on menu File > Import / Appliance, then select the .ova file you just downloaded.

Let all default options or adjust some options depending on your needs.

And finally click on Import button to start import process.

VirtualBox config window

Or simply use the vboxmanage command line tool:

vboxmanage import ~/Downloads/redpesk-os-arz-1.1-update.ova


You just need to click on start button or use the menu Machine > Start > Normal Start

Wait! It is booting…

NOTE: Default root password is root.

Connect to the Virtual Machine over SSH

By default network is setup in NAT mode and ssh port is remapped on 10022

ssh -p 10022 root@localhost

Note that you can also change network setting in order to switch in Bridged Adapter and consequently directly use default ssh port 22 on the allocated IP address.

Installing a package

See this section for installing and starting helloworld-binding: Application deployment